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    Misfit Island helps organizations tell their stories through technology.

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You want to build a great company culture that retains top talent while attracting loyal fans for a mission-minded brand that produces products that customers love.

We partner with you to bring your brand to life by helping you craft and share your authentic story. Let's get to work (together)!

Storytelling At Its Best
From narrative films to podcasts, even live presentations, we foster an environment for your entire team to participate, creating ideas that express and shape your company's mission and values. Everyone wins and is happier for it.

We learn what makes you you and craft it into stores that have influence and impact on staff, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers. 
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Data synthesis in action. Photo by Airfocus on Unsplash.
XD Research and data analysis create actionable insights.
Drawing on a glassboard. Photo by Kvalifik on Unsplash.
Invigorating company cultures produce better products.
Team collaboration at white board. Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash.
Our workshops create a safe space to solve problems together.